Tasting preview

This year, we are offering a special opportunity to our discerning food lovers: a one-hour, Tasting Preview. This ticket option is an exclusive chance to experience Taste of the Lower East side—and all of its most delicious offerings—before everyone else!

Join us as we pop the corks and fill up the plates at the start of the Tasting Preview. You’ll be able to drink in the bubbles and the atmosphere as you hobnob with some of Manhattan’s most celebrated and sought-after chefs. Perhaps they’ll even let you in on some of the culinary secrets or top tricks of the trade…although we have a feeling that it takes a lot more than a special flick of the whisk to make the night’s gastronomic genius come together. The preview includes being first to any of our open bars, allowing you to observe just how to mix the evening’s unique specialty cocktail featuring Grey Goose vodka and Bacardi rum. In addition to the premium bar, we’ll also have several larger sites set up to serve mixed drinks, wine, and beer so you never have to find your glass empty.