• Joe Campanelli
  • Stephen Dedyo
  • Alex Gardner
  • Julie Gardner-Koster
  • Tracie Golding-Gerson
  • Hadley G. Haut
  • Drew Katz
  • Kerri Kolen
  • Jaime Lorenzo
  • Brian Schulz
  • Charles Tolbert
  • Mario Tufano

Our Impact

The critical dollars raised at Taste of the Lower East Side support programs and services for more than 10,000 New Yorkers and their communities.

  • 5 Child & Family Centers provide services, workshops, education and care for more than 300 families with small children.
  • 12 Community Centers host senior programming, afterschool and summer camp for youth, and events and resources for families.
  • 72 affordable housing units for older adults living in our senior housing building in the Lower East Side.
  • 13 Partner NYC schools trust us to inspire their students and support their growth from elementary to high school.
  • …and of course our beloved mentoring program Juniors Undertaking Manhattan’s Possibilities!, JUMP! It’s founders started TLES twenty years ago and they all still give, volunteer and even serve on our Board of Directors.

Little, Middle, and Big JUMP! brings youth from the Lower East Side together with young professionals who love giving back and being with kids. One Saturday each month, JUMP! groups head out on an adventure – to museums, farms, ice rinks, Broadway shows and more. It’s hard to say who has a better time on these trips, but one thing is clear: this program has created opportunities and relationships that change lives.