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Jump Volunteers

Thank you to all the JUMP! volunteers who have served as mentors and positive examples in the lives of the young people and the greater community. Your dedication and efforts have shown them that they are capable of developing and achieving their own visions for the future which in turn strengthens the fabric of our communities.

JUMP! Cofounders: Alex Gardner & Julie Gardner

with elementary school youth
  • Teves Brighton
  • Corbin Brown
  • Sarah Collins
  • Caroline Craig
  • Jackie Fischer
  • Sean Hopper
  • Haley Johnson
  • Moira Lundell
  • Kerrissa Lynch
  • Sara Malak
  • Conor Murphy
  • Irene Planes
  • Anne Runyon
  • Jessica Seifer
  • Brian Stone
  • Michelle Timmerman
  • Bradley Tipper
with middle school youth
  • Camilla Brandfield-Harvey
  • Sundiata Brewer-Griffin
  • Joe Campanelli
  • Anisha Chopra
  • Stephen Dedyo
  • Susie Fairbanks
  • Gabriella Gonzaga
  • Gregory Gutierrez
  • Hadley Haut
  • Danielle Elliot Hayner
  • Bea Iturregui
  • Janille Jarrett
  • Denise Jarrett
  • Alexa Kalaghchi
  • Jack Newton
  • Brian Schulz
  • Mario Tufano
with high school youth
  • Sam Bernstein
  • Matt Cohen
  • Brienne Cook
  • Patrick Diamond
  • Michael Galen
  • Nicole Garland
  • Adele Garlasco
  • Yusuf George
  • Liza Himelstein
  • Kerri Kolen
  • Julie Gardner Koster
  • Valerie Nolasco
  • Arpan Parmar
  • Cristina Renda
  • Julie Feldman Richter
  • Giulianna Ruiz